“Just wanted to say thanks. I received my first set of lockpicks Monday evening. Within minutes I had picked the deadbolt lock on my apartment door. Thought it was fluke so I picked it both open and closed four or five times. Thinking it might just be a faulty lock on my door I asked my neighbor if I could pick his lock. Same results, too easy. Needless to say I’m going to invest in better locks. I also dug up every old pad lock that I could find in the house and after a while was able to open all except one. It’s warded, so I’ll just order another set of lock picks from you for that purpose. Once I figured out how to use two tension bars and work back and forward on both sides of the lock, I was also able to open and relock my club steering wheel locking device. This is something of an addictive hobby!”
Thanks again,
Gene Holt

“After 3 hours of fooling around I picked a 5 pin tumbler lock, next day I pick my front door, and this is only after 2 days. This kit works great, and I can only imagine what I will be picking tomorrow.”
Debra Shank

“Hey guys – great site! I definitely learned a lot. Thanks.”

“I ordered the Starter Set and read over your tutorials while I waited for my order to arrive. I’m happy to say after receiving my kit with some practice I was opening my front door, the desk drawer in my home-office, and several other locks I had lost the keys to. And thanks for getting my order out to me so quickly.”
Brian Schultz
Grand Rapids, MI

“My wife is always locking her keys in our family Dodge van. You said Dodge vehicles were easy to open, well I had it popped open in less than ten minutes, much easier than playing with coat hangers, thanks a lot.”
Michael Lawson
Silicon Valley, CA