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While lock picking is definitely a hobby that requires practice, the tools and resources needed are not hard to come by. There are many books published about lock picking, and finding information online is easy. While books tend to be more formulaic and detailed, there are many individual postings online outlining lock picking experiences and tricks.

It’s important to remember, however, that individuals posting information online, while entertaining, aren’t always the best lock picking guides. There are many descriptions detailing how to make homemade lock picking tools, for instance, that won’t tell you how to actually use the tools. The best way to learn how to pick a lock, by far, is to purchase the correct tools and read the guides provided by the seller.

High Quality Lock Picks

At Lockpicksonline, we sell only the highest quality lock picking tools for people of all levels of experience. Not only have we been selling lock picking tools for eight years–we’ve been using our picks even longer! Unlike manufacturers that simply act as suppliers to other vendors, we will actually take the time to help people learn how to use the tools we sell.

Before giving us a call, though, try reading our online tutorials. Our tutorials were written by lock pickers that use our tools, and outline basic lock picking, advanced lock picking, types of locks, tools, and more. Many of our customers have used the tutorials to learn how to pick locks with just a few tries–give them a read yourself and see how easy it can be.

“I am so impressed with the set of picks I ordered, I felt like writing to you. My apartment door took about 2 minutes to pop… and this was my 2nd pick ever. (first was my cabinet lock) I opened my cabinet lock in under 5 minutes and with no experience at all. I never thought it would be that easy. Thanks.”

– Dimitris K. 11 / 1 / 2002  more testimonials